What are Promo Stacks?

Updated by Kali

A Promo Stack (also called Promo Stacking) is a marketing strategy used by authors to leverage the collective audience and reach of multiple marketing channels (like promo websites) to attract new readers and generate broader interest in their works.

The Promo Stacks offered by Written Word Media are a curated collection of promos aimed at giving authors sustained sales/downloads and increased visibility on retailer sites.

One key benefit of Promo Stacks is that the total impact can be greater than the sum of the parts of the stack. Running multiple promotions weeks apart will result in more sales, but if an author runs the same promos but in a shorter time frame (5 days for instance), it can result in a more sustained rank increase on retailers like Amazon, which results in what we call “halo sales,” or sales because readers see the title high on the Amazon charts in addition to the sales from the promos.

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