What are Audio Thicket's Editorial Guidelines?

Updated by Kali

At Audio Thicket we have one fundamental belief: All authors deserve a chance to reach new listeners. For this reason, we do not have a stated review minimum.

However, we want to keep our listeners happy so they keep opening our emails and downloading the audiobooks inside. Keeping our listeners happy means that we review all of the titles that come our way, and on occasion, we won’t be able to accept an audiobook. We reserve the right not to accept any title for any reason, but below are some of the common factors that weigh into the review process:


Listeners judge books by their review rating on Amazon. You do not need to have a certain number of reviews in order to be eligible for placement. However, if you do have reviews by the time your feature runs, and the average rating is below 3 stars, then there is a chance that we won’t be able to run your title. We have found that titles with a below 3-star average rating see much lower engagement from listeners. In these cases, we don’t want you to waste your money on a promotion that won’t work for you.


Our emails feature the cover images quite prominently. If your cover is difficult to read, blurry, or just doesn’t fit our audience, then we may not be able to accept your book.


If there are grammatical errors in your book description on Amazon or in any of the text available for preview, then we may not be able to accept it.


We promote many types of audiobooks across a variety of genres, and we love all genres of books. That said, we will not promote titles that are hateful, slanderous, or designed to incite violence. We’re lovers, not haters 🙂 Additionally, we may not accept certain titles that focus on very niche content because we know that the features won’t perform well.

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