What are Freebooksy's editorial guidelines for book descriptions?

Updated by Melissa Bartlett

Freebooksy requires unique book descriptions of 375 characters or fewer to run your promotion. Keep in mind that this number does include spaces!

Book descriptions cannot be copied and pasted from Amazon due to Google’s duplicate content policy. If we have exactly the same content as Amazon, Google will block Freebooksy from showing up in search results. That would mean far fewer readers would make it to our site and negatively impact sales and downloads. In order to avoid that issue, we ask authors to provide us with unique descriptions.

We understand that authors are busy & may not have the time to write a new book description when booking their feature. If we see that your book description is duplicated or too long, our editorial team will rewrite your description and your promotion will be run as scheduled.

You can log into your Written Word Media Account to update your book description and view your promotion details. You can learn how to create and log into your account here.

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