What are the different promotion options for authors on Audio Thicket?

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Audio Thicket currently sends two weekly emails:

  1. The Mystery Monday Email and the
  2. Weekly Deals Email

1) The Mystery Monday Email

Genres: The Mystery Monday Email goes out to listeners interested in mystery, thriller and true crime content.

Timing: The Myster Monday email goes out every Monday evening around 8pm

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: There are 2 Mystery Monday promotions available:

1a) Weekly Deal / Deal of the Day:

This promotion is for free or discounted audiobooks. Audiobooks must be free or priced at $2.99 or below on Apple and/or Google Play to qualify. The Deal of the Day audiobook will also include an Audible link.

Audiobook Deal of the Day


1b) Audible Exclusive:

This promotion is for audiobooks exclusive to Amazon. There is only one Audible Exclusive audiobook per email.

Audible Exclusive promotion


2) Weekly Deals Email

Genres: The Weekly Deals Email goes out to listeners interested in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Fantasy, Steamy Romance and Clean Romance

Timing: The Weekly Deals Email goes out on Thursdays evenings

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: The Weekly Deals email features audiobooks that are free or discounted. Audiobooks must be free or priced at $2.99 or below to qualify for a weekly deal.

The Weekly Deals promotion includes:

  • Your audiobook in the email with links to all retailers where the audiobook is discounted.
  • An “Audible Credit” link for listeners who are Audible subscribers and would prefer to redeem the book through their Audible membership. The audiobook does not need to be discounted on Audible.
  • Inclusion on the Weekly Deals page on the website.
Weekly Deals Email

This is an example of what a free audiobook looks like in the Weekly Deals email. We understand that the audiobook will not be free on Audible. Clicks on the Audible link will result in credit redemptions and sales.

Free audiobook example


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