What are the different promotion options for authors on Audio Thicket?

Updated by Grant Shepherd

Audio Thicket currently sends two weekly emails:

  1. The Mystery Monday Email
  2. Audible Picks Email

1) The Mystery Monday Email

Genres: The Mystery Monday Email goes out to listeners interested in mystery, thriller, and true crime content.

Timing: The Mystery Monday email goes out every Monday

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: There are 2 Mystery Monday promotions available:

1a) Weekly Deal / Deal of the Day:

This promotion is for free or discounted audiobooks. Audiobooks must be free or priced at $4.99 or below on Apple and/or Google Play to qualify. The Deal of the Day audiobook will also include an Audible link.

Audiobook Deal of the Day


1b) Audible Exclusive:

This promotion is for audiobooks exclusive to Amazon. There is only one Audible Exclusive audiobook per Mystery Monday email.

Audible Exclusive promotion


2) Audible Picks Email

Genres: The Audible Picks Email goes out to listeners interested in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, True Crime, Steamy Romance, Clean Romance, and Fantasy.

Timing: The Audible Picks Email goes out on Wednesdays.

Audiobook Pricing Criteria: The audiobook does not need to be discounted on Audible. Listeners will use their Audible credits to access your audiobook.

The Audible Picks promotion includes:

  • Your audiobook in the weekly Audible Picks email.
  • An “Audible Credit” link for listeners to redeem the book through their Audible membership.
  • Inclusion on the Weekly Audible Picks page on the website.

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