What is a Freebooksy Series Promotion?

Updated 3 weeks ago by Melissa Bartlett

Freebooksy Series Promotions are features that include standard placement in the Freebooksy newsletter for Book 1 of a series. Additionally, it includes a stand alone web post on our website featuring up to 6 additional books.

In order to qualify for a Series Promotion, your series must:

  • Have the first book in the series priced $0.00 on the day of the promotion.
  • Have at least 3 books in the series that are available on Amazon.
  • Have a first book with more than ten 4+star reviews on the US Amazon store.

Freebooksy Series Promotions are available in the Mystery, Romance, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Freebooksy Series Promotions range in price from $150-$200. You can click here to see our complete price list.

Freebooksy Series Promotions include:

  • Standard placement for Book 1 in the Freebooksy newsletter.

Here is an example of Freebooksy Newsletter Placement:

  • A stand alone web post on the Freebooksy.com homepage on the day of your feature.

Here is an example of Freebooksy Web Post Placement:

Here is an example of Freebooksy Series Discovery Section Placement:

​Example of Series Discovery section on Website

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