Can I start my Bargain Booksy Promotion with my book at one price and then switch the price during the day of the promotion?

Updated by Melissa Bartlett

Bargain Booksy Features must remain at their planned promotion price until 11:59 PM PST of the day that they are being promoted.

Price switching hurts everyone and in order to best serve our authors and readers, we do not allow it. While our core audience is located in the US, we have readers in all time zones around the world. In order to give all of our readers an equal opportunity to enjoy the books featured in the newsletter, your book must remain discounted all day.

Example: A book scheduled for a $0.99 Bargain Booksy Promotion on January 1st must be $0.99 from 8:00 AM PST through 11:59 PM PST on January 1st. If the book starts the day priced at $0.99 then changes to $3.99 at 2:00 PM, it is in violation of price switching.

If you raise the price of your book before the end of the day that your book is featured, we will not promote any of your books on Bargain Booksy in the future. We take this very seriously because this practice leads to negative feedback and readers unsubscribing from our service. It also hurts other authors who are promoting their books with Bargain Booksy.

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