I promoted with you a few years ago, but I don’t see the promotion in my author dashboard, what’s going on?

Updated by Melissa Bartlett

The Written Word Media Account uses your email address as the primary identifier for your promotion. If you have used multiple email addresses to purchase promotions with us in the past, only the promotions associated with the email address you used to create your account will show up in your Dashboard.

For example:

Let’s say in the past you booked six promotions with Written Word Media: five promotions under the email address janeausten@gmail.com and one promotion under jane@yahoo.com. When you created your Written Word Media Account, you used the janeausten@gmail.com email address. When you access the dashboard, you will see the five promotions you booked with that email address. However, the one promotion booked under jane@yahoo.com will not show up.

If you have booked past promotions under a different email address than the one you created an account with, we can move your past promotions into your Written Word Media Account if you email our editorial team.

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