What kind of results can I expect from a Reader Reach Ad?

Updated 1 month ago by Grant Shepherd

One thing that is important to note about our Reader Reach Ads is that it works a little differently to Written Word Media’s existing email promotions. With an email promotion, your book is featured on one specific day in our daily emails to tens of thousands of readers. This usually results in a large sales spike on that particular day.

In contrast, Reader Reach Ads run for a period of 3-5 days. The campaigns start small and build over time, therefore you’ll likely see sales or downloads spread out over a longer period and not a single day spike.

Results vary based on the genre of the book and other factors, such as book cover, reviews, and price. Authors can expect anywhere from 200 - 800 clicks on a title. The resulting sales are highly dependent on price and KU enrollment status. 

Generally speaking, there is a higher cost to run ads on Facebook when compared to email features, as we have to pay to reach specific Facebook audiences on their ad platform. Because these readers are more expensive to reach, the cost to conversion will generally be higher for Facebook Ads than a newsletter placement.

If you would like to purchase a Reader Reach Facebook Ad, simply book a spot here.

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