I’m not sure what Bargain Booksy genre my book fits into, how can I tell?

Updated 9 months ago by Melissa Bartlett

Here is the Bargain Booksy Genre Guide:

Thriller: Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden.

Mystery: Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense.

Cozy Mystery: All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness.

Romantic Suspense: Equal mix of Romance and Suspense, for those who like a little action in their love stories.

Steamy Contemporary Romance: Tales of love, lust and romance with a focus on plot and character development, but some “open door” scenes. This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books.

Sweet Contemporary Romance: Sweet, clean(er) stories of romance to warm the heart.

Paranormal Romance: Vampires, Shifters, and other lovers that aren’t quite human. Our Paranormal Romance readers also avidly consume Sci-Fi Romances 😉

Historical Romance: From Knights, to Dukes, to early 20th century lovers, the lovers in these tales must find a way to be together before the age of the internet!

Erotic Romance: Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists? If so, erotic romance is the genre for you!

Science Fiction: From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here.

Fantasy/ Paranormal: All stories falling into the fantasy and paranormal genres in which the central plot is not romantic.

Horror: Creepy, sneaky tales with gore that are written to scare.

Cookbooks and Nutrition: All books containing recipes and dietary advice.

Self Help & How-To: From “How to make the most of your life” to “How to make candles”, all books telling readers how to get things done belong here.

General Non Fiction: All Non Fiction not falling into the above categories, including but not limited to: Biographies, Memoirs, History, and Business books.

Young Adult: Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. Not the category for New Adult.

Children’s: Books for early readers.

Literary Fiction: The genre category for Satirical, Historical, Women’s, World, and Contemporary fiction.

Travel: Travel guides and memoirs.

Religion/ Spirituality: The genre category for all Fiction and Non Fiction works in which the focus or central moral is religious or spiritual in nature.

If you are still unsure what genre your book is best suited for, email our editorial team your Amazon book link for a recommendation.

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