Does my book being in KU count as "free" for Freebooksy Promotions?

Updated by Melissa Bartlett

Because not all of our readers are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (KU), the price of your book must be $0.00 to run a Freebooksy promotion regardless of whether your book is enrolled in KU. In other words, your book must be free for all readers.

In your KDP Dashboard, downloads reflect activity by non-KU readers who are purchasing your book at $0.00. If your book is enrolled in KU, you will see an increase in KENP reads in your KDP Dashboard in the days following your Freebooksy promotion. This is a reflection of KU readers on our list downloading and reading your book. Because these readers are in KU, you will be paid out on KENP read despite the fact that your list price is $0.00.

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