How much does a Freebooksy Feature cost?

Updated 2 years ago by Melissa Bartlett

Freebooksy features range in price from $30-$200. Prices vary depending on your book's genre and promotion type.

To view a complete price list & our list sizes, click here. Freebooksy Promotion prices are based on the number of readers and activity of reader engagement for each genre.

For Example: A Freebooksy Thriller Feature reaches 236,990 readers and costs $85.00. A Freebooksy Travel Feature reaches 91,485 readers so it costs only $40.00.

If your book is a part of a series you may be eligible for a Freebooksy Mystery, Romance, Fantasy or Science Fiction Series Promotion. Series Promotions cost $150.00-$200.00 and you can click here for more detailed information on those features.

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